(Especially to our YOUTH)
Social media is a relatively new, effective and rapid source of communication thanks to modern information technology. Social media plays a key role in communication between friends, family, colleagues and general public.
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Skype, Linkedin, Instagram, Whatsapp have revolutionized the way we communicate with others. These applications are user friendly, rapid, affordable and easily available. Simultaneously, the availability of smart phones all over the globe have made these applications accessible to common people. Therefore, there is a massive increase in the usage of these applications for connectivity and dissemination of information.
Like any other tool and weapon, social media has its pros and cons. There are various research studies which are explaining the negative effects of excessive social media usage on our mental and physical health. There has been a rapid increase in cyber related crimes. Lack of control on social media tools are proving destructive for the social fabric of our societies and communities. In recent years, significant impact of social media can be seen across Muslim societies in all countries. Our societies generally suffer from lack of knowledge in regard to Islamic principles and the same is visible on social media where people are not considering what is permissible and what is forbidden in Islam.
The guiding principles of Islam are thrown behind the back and materialism has taken over. This attitude is reflected in various TV shows such as as TIKTOK hosted by Faheem khan on BOL channel. Such TV shows increase greediness and provoke sinful acts which are otherwise not encouraged in our society. Various other TV shows are promoting vulgarity and obscenity, making us prone to unethical behaviour.
The problem is enhanced multiple times when the clips of these shows are shared on social media as social media has a wider reach and longer sustainability time. Therefore, many times it has been observed that vulgar clips which would have been ignored otherwise, catch attention on social media and forwarded millions of times. Another dilemma of social media is propagation of news without verification. For the sake of likes and shares, everyone is indulged in sharing fake news which creates chaos. Propaganda teams of political parties specifically take part in spreading lies and false news. This is against the basic ethical principles of Islam, but unfortunately nobody is paying attention to it.
This is why, it is crucial to remember Islamic guidance and to protect and prevent our youth from this negative impact of social media and electronic media. In the current pandemic situation, sudden calamities and accidents, insensitive and tyrannical rulers, the decline of blessings are all sign of Allah’s wrath. The way to salvation is sincere repentance and asking for the forgiveness from Lord. May Allah guide Muslim UMMAH to the right path? Aameen

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں