It was known as a city of lights, but now darkness looms everywhere. Recent torrential rains have created a chaos and exposed the infrastructure of the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan. Urban flooding cause damage everywhere in the world, but in Karachi, the word disaster would be an understatement.
Entire city was flooded and the administration was clueless what to do with the rising water level. Almost every road was converted into a makeshift river. Water entered homes and destroyed the valuable belongings of thousands of residents. Government, civil administration and elected political representatives went missing for many days to avoid the anger of public. Now they are shifting the blames on one another, with no one taking the responsibility for this damage. That’s the dilemma of Karachi, no ownership at any level.
The Karachiites are equally disappointed and angered by the poor performance of relevant authorities. In short, all authorities have failed to tackle the situation. Now they are playing a blame game on media, to shift the focus from real problems and cover up their failure. Due to the recent monsoon season, particularly Karachi metropolitan city has been center of discussion among politicians, media wings and general masses. People are discussing the issues of Karachi and asking that why this issue has been raised, why does the country financial hub is finding itself in this dire situation. Why Karachi residents are complaining about the lack of basic infrastructure facilities despite its role as the nation economic and financial hub.
Karachi is the backbone of Pakistan and unfortunately it has been dislocated but the cure is in our own hands. We can sort out the problems only by choosing the right leadership if we want to free ourselves from such problems so, in the next elections we really need to open our eyes and minds as well to elect the truthful and trustworthy leaders like Jamaat e Islami who have the ability to make this Islamic Republic of Pakistan similar to a state of Madinah where Islamic laws can be implemented. In my opinion, we are responsible for this crisis for handing over the reins of our city to the corrupt politicians?.
At this time, we need a solution to change our destiny otherwise if we don’t take. any step in stopping all this nonsense in the fight for the right we cannot justify ourselves. We will be responsible for this dilemma so please wake up raise your voice against the evil of this society, the polluted mindset of the corrupted authorities. This is the duty of every citizen to witness the evil and stop them to deteriorating the foundation of this country, Pakistan.
May Allah protect my country and boost faith (Eman) in the heart of every citizen. Aameen

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں