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Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan at a Glance

Suhaib Ahmed Khan

After the creation of Pakistan on 14th August 1947, there was a need of a group of people who can help students in their career and education. On the leadership of Zafarullah Khan, twenty five students were gathered at one place in Lahore and decided thatwe will work for the students. Keeping in mind that we are in the state named as Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the mission that was decided was “To seek pleasure of Allah (SWT) by ordering human life in accordance with the teachings laid down by Allah and His Messenger Muhummad (PBUH)”. From there onwards the journey started with the dreams of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and on the sayings of Qauid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba has worked since its creation for education of the students. Therefore, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan arranged many campaigns for the betterment of literacy in our society. The campaigns arranged from 1982-1996 were Save Education Campaign, Students’ Problems Campaign and Correction in Education Campaign. In 2001, Jamiat sponsored PHD scholar ship and 4 students were selected. In 2002, 82 free tuition centers were opened and 8,350 students got donations for education.
Students Donation Week is almost arranged every year, where the funds are collected from shops and organizations and then they are used in students ‘admission fees, who cannot afford education. These funds are further used in educating poor and needy people.
In 2005, an earthquake came in Pakistan. People of Pakistan will never forget, because many people became homeless. At that time, when youth in those areas had no books, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan came upfront and organized free study centers, along with relief operations.

Colleges and universities, have been at once, very productive for Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba. Most of the time, Jamiat used to win in elections of Students Union. The only reason behind was because of the character, which was promoted among the students. jameel jalibi, Ex-VC Karachi University, spoke in an interview that students used to vote Jamiat because they felt safe with them. This has then created havoc among other student federations and terrorists were forced to take out guns from the reign of Zia-ul-Haq. From their onwards, the work of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba, especially in Karachi, is nothing less than a challenge, flavored with media propaganda.
Many students of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba, specifically in Karachi, got martyred in the mission provided. Around 65 students of Jamiat got martyred till now. Some popular names are Abdul Malik Shaheed (East Pakistan), Amir Saeed Shaheed, Saad bin Salah Shaheed, Farhan Asif Shaheed, Wasif Aziz Shaheed, Mohsin Akhter Shaheedand Awais Aqeel Shaheed etc.
Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan have been trend setters to other student federations. The Self Assessment Test, Book Fairs, Speech Competitions and sports activities are all creation of Jamiat.
Moreover, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan raises issues, arranges media awareness protests and helps whenever Pakistan is in need. From Qadiani Movement to Peshawar attack Jamiat has been coming out in our society. Some every-year examples are Haya Day, Teachers Day and self-finance issues etc. Haya Day is celebrated on 14th February. Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba tries its best to stop vulgarity and unethical relations among genders, which is against the practices of Islam. Gifts and flowers are gifted to teachers on Teachers Day, for educating their students and are trying their best to make their students the pride of nation. Not to forget, during the war in 1971, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba has played a major role for the defense of the country in the form of Al-Badr and As-Shams.
Furthermore, this student federation is recognized around the world. It has raised voice against the torture of Burma people, Ikhwan-ul-Muslimun in Egypt and innocent people in Palestine, specifically Gaza. Recently, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan had arranged rallies on 14th August supporting Gaza people along with patriotism of country.
Recently, huge amount of students came at Expo Center, Karachi. Since 2013, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Karachi has been arranging Talent Expo, where students come with their projects related to engineering and arts. Moreover, Career Counseling Program, Neelaam Ghar and Talent Tribute session is also arranged for the students. Students love the creative activities around. Then this activity is now spread all over Pakistan.
After all the past incidents, it is very important for people to know what Jamiat has been up to recently in 2014. As we all know the condition of Pakistan is not upto the standards. For improvement, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba launched a campaign known as “Hum Say Hai Pakistan” or in another words, “Pakistan is From Us,” For a healthy life, we should have a healthy environment. The campaign started with Week of Cleanliness in colleges and universities. Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba then started a Sports Week Campaign, in which activities related to sports were organized around Pakistan, which is a mind freshener for every student during education. After this campaign, a very important week for students came known as Teachers Week. Teachers are those who have taught us how to write and read and these are the ones who make a student the star of the country. Moving on, Parents Week was organized, where different awareness strategies were provided so that parents can be treated well in our society. Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan felt that parents are not being treated the way they should be. Then an award ceremony was arrangedin Youth Convention in November. The “Fakhr-e-Pakistan” award was given in Ijtima-e-Aam of Jamaat-e-Islami Paistan on 21st, 22nd and 23rd November. Muhammad Huzair Awan (IT Professional, Solution Associate, Technology Specialist), Mehraz Yawer and father of Arfa Karim came and were given Fakhr-e-Pakistan trophies. Talent Awards sessions were then organized all over Pakistan. Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba hopes that these students will change the turmoil in Pakistan.
Some views about Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba by some popular renowned people are as follows. Ahsan Iqbal (currently Minister of Planning, National reforms and Development) has said that Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba has given a big impact on the students. He further said that it has played a significant role in the war of 1971. Moreover, he said that Jamiat has contributed well in giving Islamic literature and using the modern technology as the source for students. Irfan Siddiqui (Special Assistant to Prime Minister) has said that Jamiat has played a unique and revolutionary role in our society. General Hameed Gul has said that Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba is the only student federation among others, which is ideological and management is good. He further said that, once students were impressed towards socialism, then Jamiat came forward and through the character and then those students were stopped from going outside by useful campaigns.
Not to forget, some popular nasheeds and Naats of Jamiat can be heard anywhere on Internet by surfing. Some popular vocalists, since 23rd December 1947, are Saleem Naaz Barelvi, Noman Shah, Fahad Farooqi, Salman Tariq and Muneeb Zeeshan. These people really release these with their bottom of the hearts.

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