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Negative impact of social media on our lives – Tehreem Faisal

Social media is one of the multimedias which has single handedly dominated all other forms of media nowadays. It greatly impacts our lives both negatively and positively. But I believe social media can create a negative environment more efficiently due to following reasons:
It is a world of false realities that portrays the unreal picture of people living their best lives out there. Even the ones struggling from the inside, may present a facade of total bliss on Facebook and Instagram. People pretend their lives are perfect, only to gain popularity, without realizing that their posts may cause others to suffer. Not everyone has a perfect life neither can pretend to have one. This builds up an atmosphere of comparison, hatred, and jealousy.People can become addicts of social networking sites because of its excessive use. They end up grappling with sleep deprivation and loneliness. Over-reliance on social media minimizes their interactions with people in real life. It also brings on an imbalance of behavior in their daily lives, that can lead to depression, anxiety, and unrealistic expectations.
Social media influencers set poor examples for teenagers, by creating a mindset of beauty as something that is measured by your skin tone, height, looks, dressing and etc. This causes young adults to stress over their body image and struggle with the fact that they don’t fit in these superficial beauty standards.Social media can also be menacing because of its easy access to literally every thing. It shouldn’t be used by children without parental guidance and supervision. We live in a society which consists of people who are not fortunate enough to afford the basic necessities of life. Following these social media celebrities develops a longing and inferiority complex in these people which carries on with them even later in life.
If Allah SWT has blessed us with a peaceful and luxurious life we should be thankful to Him. And also, we should try to spend more intimate and private life, so we may never hurt anyone unintentionally.I would like to conclude by saying that media be it any type, plays an important role in shaping the minds of masses. We should be very careful with where it is leading us as a society and as individuals.

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