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I miss alot. Ahmed Arshad.

I miss alot.
I miss alot.
I miss waking up for school.
The sleepy eyes.
Wanting just one more minute to complete the dreams
Dreams that were really nice

I miss the waits for the sundays
Same cousins meet up
Cracking of same lame jokes
One snack parties.

I miss the medicines of the mom.
The most powerfull matter on earth
heals all the ilnesess.
All the pains and sorrows.

I miss the paper boats
diverge all the responsibiities.
take us with the flow
Flow of happiness

I miss the selfless friendships.
The stained clothes
The jokes.
the ridiculous achievements

I miss the lame abdomin pains
to have a break from the school
To enjoy the unexpected weekend vibes
To watch a repeat episode of the cartoon show.

I miss the blessed foods
One chocolate enough for the day
One candy that fulls the belly.
One glass milk that never ends.

I miss the realness.
The real friends.
The real emotions
The real love.

I miss that time.
I miss that childhood.
I miss alot
I miss alot.

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